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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Well i have CHRISTMAS stuff.....

Hi ya'll,,i;m back,,hahahaa,,i'm ready for some Halloween stuff and Christmas stuff,,i have to get my pic;s up of my pumpkins so for now i have my Christmas gourds to show ya'll, hope you like them,,,

this is just a few , i;ll have more later,,, xoxo christy


  1. Hi Christi, Your gourds are so cute did you paint them? I just wanted to stop by and follow you ant thank you for following my blog. Take care. :-) Peggy

  2. I am so sorry i have not got back to you sooner,i have been very sick and just did not feel like talking,,and yes i paint all my things,i love to paint and thank you sweety , and i love your blog ! xoxo christy