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Monday, August 5, 2013

Well,,i guess you all think i have gone ,,lol,,i have been very sick and now i am better so i can start back putting good stuff on for ya'll to help make your beautiful things you make,sooooo i guess it's time to start now,,i hope you all have been doing great ,and we know it's getting closer to Christmas so i will put some pretty things on for you to use, as you all know these are things i get from wonderful people who let you use them for free and not to sell , i thank you and have fun,,xoxo,,, ♥ ♥

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Well its Easter time,,,,

Well,,i guess ya'll thought i had gone away ,lol, but i am back,i am so sorry i have been gone a long time due to sickness but i am doing good to day so i need to put some things on for my wonderful friends on here,sooooo lets go,,and,,love you all,,,.....this is just a few for Easter you can use for making , well whatever you want,,lol,,I do have more !!! ....I do hope you enjoy these and can make all kinds of beautiful things with them,,,i will be back and put on one of my painted bunny gourds,,,xoxo , christy