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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hi again,,

I don.t know about ya'll but it is sooo hot here !!! i have not been here in a few days so i need to put some thing nice on that you may like to use,,,

i know you can make some thing beautiful with these,,hope you like,,,,,xoxo christy


  1. Oh I agreed with you the heat is been really bad. We got a little rain the last 2 days which cooled thing off for like 5 minutes hehe. But tomorrow we will feel like we are in a steam bath. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely's.

  2. Hey sweety,,lol,,i know what ya talking about,and the crazy thing is it rained down the road and we did,n get any ! soooo i guess i just need to stay inside and play on her,,lol,,, have a great day sweety,,and you are welcome, xoxo christy