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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A great site for free printing stuff,,,, i will put some photos on later,maybe in the morning,,lol,,,

Lilac & Lavender,,,these are from her page,,,

This is one of the best pages to go and see so many beautiful things, {,Lilac & Lavender },,,you will love her,, here are some of her freebies,,

just go look and you will be glad you did,,,there are a LOT more,,,

Monday, March 26, 2012

Well it.s time for some Easter

Hope all ya'll are doing great,i have some really cute pictures to share,they are not mine but they can be used for self only,not sell,,,hope you like them ,

I think these are soooooo cute and will make some really nice cards,,so here are some more,have fun with them,,

I hope if you like them and you make something with them you would share your work and let us see how pretty they look,,,i love to hear from ya'll so write when ya can !!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This is a great blog

This is one of the best pages you can go to, A great lady so go look and see for your self.. ".The Flamingo Chronicals.Anita Scroggins "

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I would like you to see my sweet kids

Went home for a few days to see my wonderful kids,i know every one thinks there kids are the greatest but you know i think mine are,,hahahaa,,,my 8 year old thinks he is grown and some times i think so too,,haha,,,this is my sweet kids,,,

and you know i can not forget my sweet Mother,,,,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just a few more from,,Magic moonlight studio Blog

They are just to sweet and sooo sweet,,,she is a great lady and i know you will love her,,,,

now you just have to go and look !!!! there,s so much more !!!

wow,,This page is great

I found this wonderful lady that has the best and free stuff on her page that she has to share,you will love it,you must go and look you will love her,,, "Magic moonlight studio Blog ",she has some great stuff ,,,here are a few ,,

these are for making cards,there are just to many to put on,,there are tags and all kinds of Vintage pictures on so go and look !!!

This is some cute things from Pinterest

If you have not been on Pinterest you need to go on and look !!! wow,,there are so many things on there you just cant stop looking,,lol,,

this is just a few of all the great stuff on there,,i;ll show ya more

Ok,,time for more Easter stuff

Here are some more cute pictures i have found that i know will make some really cute things ,

hope you like,,

Time for some pretty new things,

These are some really beautiful things from a page called "MAY ARTS BLOG ",THEY HAVE SOME WONDERFUL THINGS ON THERE ,YOU NEED TO GO LOOK,,,

This is just a few,just look at how pretty these are !!,,they do a great job,,,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time To Work on Easter stuff

Now all you have to do is click and copy and use them on what you want to,,hope you make some good stuff and let me see some when you do ,i love to see what you do with them,,,

Easter Time,,,

Ok,,more ? well yes !! here are a few more cutes you can use,,,

Well that is so sweet,it will be so cute on a card, so here is some more,,i know you will like,,

Well , i have been gone for a few days so it.s time for for some new stuff,i hope all of ya'll are having a great day, i have been with my sweet babies for a great time so we will have to see some things you can use for Easter to make some cute cards are pages soooo,let's get to work,,,hahaa,,i know you will love these they are so cute,